What Is Your Crypto Worth Now? | Crypto Diversification Example | Crypto Diversification

My third video out now 🙂

In today’s video I will talk about how a crypto diversification portfolio would look like if you purchased the top 10, 20 and 100 coins and tokens in January 2017. What would they be worth now?
Also give some insight into how to bring crypto values into excel.

Let me know what you think.

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8 thoughts on “What Is Your Crypto Worth Now? | Crypto Diversification Example | Crypto Diversification

  1. Interesting Excel tracking. There’s a lot of money in crypto. I worked in China about 5 years ago with an alt crypto currency… and more recently, I sent out $494,000 worth of Bitcoin. I have some hands on experience and insight. Main takeaway: Bitcoin won’t survive but the blockchain technologies will.

  2. The videos look great BHL, and like the real-time screen tracking with the spreadsheets, very cool.

    Crypto isn’t really up my alley, but one of my investing friends might decide to start dabbling in this area, and maybe even become a regular on Fully Franked Finance… I’ll send him here for some insights if he decides to get a portfolio up and running….

    Cheers, Frankie

  3. I still have my crypto from 2017. Holding till the end. I like the diversification this alt asset provides. Investing relatively conservatively in dividend stocks allows one to speculate with a portion of funds in something “totally out there.”

  4. I agree with FF’s take on the long term crypto viability but also agree with Frankie on the cool factor. A few observations:
    1) A market cap weighting of the top 10/50/100 may be prone to frequent rebalances
    2) Possible start date bias? Dec 17th (peak BTC) paints an uglier picture
    3) With new coins created, some gone – does this type of tracking require a divisor (probably not) or other mechanism (factor of sorts?) to allow for apples to apples comparisons?

    Just some random thoughts …

    1. I totally agree Charlie. I guess that is why an ETF like system would be good. You could buy into that and let the managers take hold of the buy and sells. If a coin/token drops out of the 100 for a while then it gets sold and a new one purchased. Time will tell if we get something like this.
      I do have a little invested in Crypto but time will tell if it has been worth it.

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