May 2019 Net Worth (+1.53%)

Dividends paid in May 2018 – $23.39
Dividends paid in May 2019 – $56.23
Increase of 140.4% let’s keep that rate up!

Assets increased but so did Liabilities. Overall an increase of 1.5% is nice. I wouldn’t expect next month to be so good. We have paid off our lay-by recently and purchased more things for baby BHL. Only 4 weeks to go. Hoping for anything but a decrease.

No purchases this month. There should be one in June. Take a look at my Portfolio to see what I buy. Take a look here to see how its going.

2019 is starting to shape up as a nice year. All months so far have been higher than previous years as you can see above. Hopefully over time this graph will show the power of dividend reinvestment.

Passive Income Made

Adsense (Website) – $4.16
AdMob (Apps) – $5.00
Dividends – $56.23

One thought on “May 2019 Net Worth (+1.53%)

  1. The income made by dividends is quite impressive and I hope it will grow further in the coming days. Do you also invest in some stock markets? As I am planning to invest in some lithium stocks, trending small caps as well as I am also looking forward to investing in blue-chip dividend. What’s your opinion about that and also I would love to hear about some best penny stocks.

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