June 2019 Net Worth (+5.40%)

Dividends Received June 2018 – $0.00
Dividends Received June 2019 – $6.37

Passive Income Made

Adsense (Website) – $12.77
AdMob (Apps) – $3.98
Dividends – $6.37
Etsy – $20.87

TOTAL – $43.99

Net Worth at an all time high now. Thanks to the markets and a little bit invested wow. This was my goal for the end of the year, I was trying to reach 80k by the end of December. Could I possibly reach 100k? That would be nice.

Bought a couple ETF’s (FOOD and DRUG).
FOOD = Agriculture ETF.
DRUG = Pharmaceutical ETF.

First Dividend received for June. Nice.
As you can see the 2019 is starting to be higher in all months, let’s hope it can do that for the whole year. Any increase is a win!

20 thoughts on “June 2019 Net Worth (+5.40%)

  1. That’s fantastic, well done! Should your tables say 2019, not 2018? And what do you have that pays a dividend in June? May and June are bleak months for me with no dividends being paid 🙁

    1. Ahhhh excellent pickup, yes most certainly is supposed to be 2019 not 18. Ooops!
      I own two unlisted funds that pay monthly dividends. APN Group AREIT and Asian REIT. I don’t own a huge amount but I also own shares in the parent company ASX:APD (APN Group).

  2. Nice to see you diversifying between a few kinds of passive income streams. I am surprised adsense is bringing in as much as it is right now but I bet you have no complaints about that. Keep up the good work. Best of luck in the second part of the year.

  3. Great job on the passive income streams and the net worth! I’ll have to look through the archives to see if you’ve mentioned what you’re doing on Etsy (e.g. physical products or digital products). That and your Google income streams look like they’re producing a nice bit of extra income.

    Keep up the great work, and if this bull market has more life in it then you might have a good chance of reaching that next milestone!

  4. Nice work BHL – every cent counts especially when it comes to passive income, so just keep working hard and building up that portfolio one dollar at a time. Fingers crossed for hitting $100k before 2020!

    Cheers, Frankie

  5. Outstanding results at the halfway mark of the year, BHL. It’s awesome that as soon as you eclipsed that $80K net worth mark you set your sights higher on the next goal. Here’s hoping the markets contribute to your quest for $100K by year’s end.
    Love those ETF tickers… no problem telling which funds those are. 🙂

  6. Interesting to see the consistent admob income. Even though it’s on the small side at the moment every dollar counts and can only grow from here.

    I’m really interested in this, do you have a link to your Play store page or can give a description of the type of apps bringing you these returns?

    Do you run banner or interstitial ads?

    Best wishes and keep it up.

    1. Hi Black Elk
      It hasn’t really grown a whole lot, in fact it looks like it is slowing down but that’s ok, I haven’t made any updates for a while.
      I run both banner and interstitial ads. I will be looking at doing a video on these sometime soon.


  7. Nice month of passive income! That adsense income is pretty impressive, you must have generated a good bit of clicks. Etsy is nice too!
    I imagine your in a good place with leaving you stressful job to work with your Dad on the family business. Maybe some more freedom to focus on passive income?

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      That is the plan. I work a 4 day week, sometimes a 9 day fortnight (two weeks) and plan to work on my passive income sources on my days off when I get the time.
      Always trying to increase that forward passive income.

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