July 2019 Net Worth (+5.59%)

Dividends Received July 2018 – $38.69
Dividends Received July 2019 – $57.70

Passive Income Made

Adsense (Website) – $8.26
AdMob (Apps) – $2.72
Dividends – $57.70
Etsy – $24.90

TOTAL – $93.58

Cash saved and invested. Cashed in some annual leave and our shares have performed well recently.

I was able to purchase more WAM Leaders (top companies in Australia) at a discount to NTA. They increased their dividend recently which helps the forward income. Also bough some WAM Global. They recently announced a first dividend payment so see how that one goes.

Dividends received were higher than last year. This trend is continuing for the whole year so far. I’m not entirely sure if it will keep it up as I think there were some special dividends paid in October but I have invested a bit recently. Let’s hope that we can put up bigger numbers for the rest of the year.

New graph here. Its a cumulative dividends received so far. So as you can see the light green shade was 2017, my first year of investing. Second being blue and this year (2019) being in yellow. This shows how through the months and years that I have been increasing my dividend income.

4 thoughts on “July 2019 Net Worth (+5.59%)

  1. I like your progress BHL. What’s not to like about consistent increases in dividends and net worth? 5% increases each month in net worth leads to one impressive total by year’s end.
    Keep up the stellar efforts.

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