August 2019 Net Worth (+1.00%)

Dividends Received August 2018 – $23.71
Dividends Received August 2019 – $38.32
Increase – 63.7%

Passive Income Made – August 2019

Adsense (Website) – $4.61
AdMob (Apps) – $2.68
Dividends – $38.82
Etsy – $9.15

TOTAL – $55.26

Net worth increased slightly due to more of the home loan being paid off. Assets actually dropped a little as the stock market had a very turbulent month. Hoping to have a better month this month as long as a certain someone doesn’t tweet so much.

Dividend to be paid going forward went down slightly as we had one decrease payments by half but the rest of my shares actually increased dividends. Overall result is pretty good.

Dividends received this month were higher than last year. Winning.

Dividends year over year running totals. Won’t be long and I will have more dividends than I did the first two years I started investing. Awesome.

How was your August?

9 thoughts on “August 2019 Net Worth (+1.00%)

  1. BHL,

    We had a pretty good August for dividends with nearly a 12% YoY increase. Love that area chart at the bottom. I suspect your YTD September total will be pretty damn close if not above your full year 2018 total. Through August we had already received 65% of the total dividends that we received for all of 2019 and still have 1 full quarter and of course our big September left for this year. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks JC
      September is actually a fairly quiet month for me but October is massive. I’m expecting large payments (for me). If my rough calcs are correct it will definitely put me above the last two years combined.

  2. Nothing like passive income hitting your account while you take care of other things in life. Keep on collecting those dividends. Would be nice to see which companies paid you in August. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great month again.

    My August was also a good one. Solid growth numbers in terms of percentages and dollars. It’s a great strategy: dividend investing. And inspiring to read other websites like yours. Happy investing !

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