September 2019 Net Worth (+1.28%)

Dividends Received September 2018 – $64.32
Dividends Received September 2019 – $98.49

Passive Income Made – September 2019

Adsense- $2.42
AdMob – $4.34
Dividends – $98.49
Etsy – $2.82

TOTAL – $108.07

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Net Worth increased. It would have been so much more if I didn’t have a major car service and Council rates.

Forward dividends increased from DRIP and also another purchase.

As said earlier, dividends received were up from $64.32 to $98.49 in September 2019. Happy with that. October is looking to be a $500 month. Awesome.

Cumulative dividends up as well. As you can see it slowly trends up which is nice. Slowly increasing my dividends every month.

How did you go with your September 2019 dividends and Net Worth?

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