October 2019 Net Worth (+2.46%)

Funnily enough, I recently commented on someones Tweet saying that backing up data is important. Less than a week later, my PC dies….. Karma was out to get me because I didn’t backup my info. Well luckily it was a minor hardware issue that I fixed for $15. Back in business now.

Dividends Paid in October:
2017 – $124.66
2018 – $277.19
2019 – $504.33

Pretty clear to see the power of continuing investing and reinvestment. I earned more in dividends in October 2019 than I did for the whole of 2017. Now that is pretty cool. I am happy with that. Between April and October (those two months alone) I earned more than I did last year. That’s great, doubt I can do it again though.

Net Worth – October 2019

Net worth increased 2.46% thanks to the market doing quite well for me. Savings were also nicely added. Will be a couple slow months thanks to the Silly Season (Christmas and work break). I still get holiday pay during this break but with an enormous travel to see family, that will be eaten up by fuel (gas).

Forward Dividends – October 2019

Forward dividends increased thanks to reinvested dividends and dividend increases. On the up.

Dividends Paid Year Over Year Cumulative – October 2019

If it keeps going like this I’m going to be left with no choice but to change the scale of the dividends received. That’s never a bad thing!

Dividends Paid Monthly – October 2019

Very nice, exploding out the graph.

Sorry for the late post, better than never though, right?

6 thoughts on “October 2019 Net Worth (+2.46%)

  1. Wow, more than $500 in dividends in just one month. That’s rock solid! What happened in October..did you receive some special dividends?
    I see that we have comparable income figures. With October in the books, I have collected $1,500 so far. It looks like that I will close this year with something like $1,800 – $1,825. That would equal an average of $150/month.
    All the best for the remaining two months.

    1. Well done SF.
      I did receive a special div in October but almost all of my stocks pay in April and October. Those will always be my biggest months.
      Unfortunately, I won’t be investing anymore for the rest of the year so most likely won’t get too much more dividend increases.

  2. Love it BHL! Over $500 and a huge year over year increase. Out of curiosity why such a huge increase and total for October but not much in July?

  3. Always a good problem to have – needing to change the scales to accommodate your totals. Congrats on a terrific October, BHL.
    Glad to hear that your computer is up and running again, too. Things like that can often provide some short-term inconvenience.

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