November 2019 Net Worth (+3.26%)

Not a huge amount to report this month. I am going to be slightly under the 100k mark for Net Worth for the year. It’s a shame because the 100k mark is pretty big milestone for me. But will get it early next year by the looks of things. My goal was for a lot less than 100k so I still smashed my goals.

Happy to say now, that the dividends I’ve received in 2019 have beaten my two previous years combined. I am very happy with that!

Net worth increased due to wage and savings. Nothing fancy unfortunately. Triple pay cycle in December, so should be able to save a bit more than usual I would hope. Works out well with Holiday season.

Forward dividends increased in the month due to an increase in dividend in one of my holdings. Forward dividends now well over $1500 a year.

As you can see, every month has been an increase on last year. That is awesome to me. Keep the dividends coming and increasing. It’s great to visualize these things. I can then see that my shares are working for me and slowly increasing my dividend wage.

Another way to look at it is how dividends add up over the year. As you can see this year has been good and continues to beat previous years. Slow and steady wins the race.

How was your November 2019?

10 thoughts on “November 2019 Net Worth (+3.26%)

    1. Thanks Baz.
      That’s my Pre-Tax portfolio. My Net Worth is near 100k. That’s including other assets and equity I have that’s not included in the portfolio (like my house and car etc).

      Basically the portfolio page just shows the shares and stocks I own in a personal, taxable account.

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