December 2019 Net Worth (+3.01%)

Dividends received for the year up from $720.27 to $1266.36 and my forward dividend at this point in time (without raises and reinvestment is $1500+).

My Net Worth increased from last December which was $57,687.41 all the way up to $96,377.54. An increase of $‭38,690.13‬ in the year. I am very happy with that result as we are a single income family earning median wage here in Australia.

My forward dividends increased from $906.16 all the way up to $1550.97. This was mostly from new capital invested but also from raises and reinvestment. Brings my average monthly dividend income to $129.25 a month. Still a long way to go.

Dividends received were higher than last year for every month! Now that’s when you know you are doing something correct. Hopefully next year we can continue that trend and continue upwards.

Cumulative dividends received over the year. As you can see it is up throughout the year which is fantastic. Hopefully 2020 will continue to beat 2019.

Overall a very solid year for me. I will do a goals post later where I talk about how I felt I went through the year. Most of my goals I smashed and hopefully next year I can continue to increase Net Worth every month.

Thanks for reading this year, here’s to next year!

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