2019 Year Review – Buy Hold Long

Well what a year 2019 was. I got married in 2018, had our first child in 2019 and continued to invest and save money. Overall, this year has been fantastic for us, albeit with many challenges. Let’s take a brief look at 2019 and see how we did financially and on the blog.

In this post you’ll see me talk about Bronze, Silver and Gold. These are the placings I have made up to see how I went compared to how I predicted at the end of 2018.

Blog Views – 4th Place

My goals for this were: 50/100/200 views a day on average.

As you can see I totalled around 16.6k page views on my blog in 2019. This works out to be a little over 45 views a day. I didn’t even make the podium! Ooops!

Create 24 Posts – GOLD

I actually created a total of 30 posts over the year. Overall pretty happy with that. I will most likely stick to the same amount for 2020.

Portfolio Value of 20/25/30k – GOLD

Well, I was very fortunate enough to have my Portfolio reach well over 30k this year. I added quite a bit of capital but also managed to get some nice dividends and reinvest them to further grow my portfolio.

As you can see the Portfolio grew to 35k+. This smashed my estimate of 20/25/30. Unfortunately, next year won’t be as good as we have a few other financial things to take care of.

Forward Dividend – GOLD

Yet another Gold medal here for me. I was predicting $1000/1250/1500 for my medal placements. Luckily for me I ended up to $1550 a year in forward dividend income. Now that’s a win! See above for forward dividend income.

Increase Net Worth to 60/70/80k – GOLD

Well if you’ve been following the blog recently, I have smashed these goals and almost reached a total of 100k. Unfortunately, I fell as little short but will easily get it in the new year.

Overall, the blog has done well, could be a lot better. My finances were a lot better this year too. Somehow, I felt like I wasn’t doing much each month but my Net Worth increased every month. So I am definitely happy with that. If it can continue to increase over 2020 I will be very happy. 100k should be reachable in the next month or so.

Goals For 2020

Blog – Reach 20/25/30k total page views.
Portfolio Value – Increase to $42/45/50k value.
Forward Dividend Income – Increase to $1600/1700/1800 a year.
Net Worth – Increase to $115/125/135k total value.

My wife and I have some non-additive maintenance on the house which will take up a bit of capital but I am hoping between work, side gigs and the blog I can make extra income to increase that net worth in 2020. What are some of your goals for 2020?

9 thoughts on “2019 Year Review – Buy Hold Long

  1. Looks like 2019 was great for you and best of all you’ve got that little munchkin around. We’re looking at taking a big step back on our income/savings to be able to drastically improve our happiness. Even if it slows down our FI progress it’s a tradeoff I’m more than willing to make. All the best in 2020.

  2. That’s a lot of gold, BHL. Congrats on reaching/surpassing so many of your goals. You blew past quite a few of them.
    Love seeing that your net worth increased every single month in 2019. That’s not easy to do without some diligent saving.
    Life is good…married, child, and a path to financial security. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Caleb, it’s Kanwal a fellow dividend blogger from Simply Investing. I’d like to send you a quick email for a blogging collaboration if you are interested, is there an email address I can use? Alternatively you can use my contact page on my site.

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