About Buy Hold Long

Welcome to my blog, “Buy, Hold Long”. This blog is about my investment history and journey throughout the many years of my working and living life in Australia. Buy, Hold long is focused on sometimes risky stocks which I believe will one day be a fantastic source of income and tremendous growth.

My name is Caleb, a civil engineering graduate living in rural South Australia and am in my mid-20’s. My future goals are to be one day Financially Independent, which means not relying on my retirement accounts or the government pension to live the rest of my life. Oh, and to retire as early as possible! This may take some time but I hope through some smart investing and being smart with my money, I hope to reach this well before I turn 50! That’s less than 25 years left!

My goal is to buy and hold for the long term period, hence the name of the website. I plan to do this by smart investments in micro, small and sometimes even up to the large cap securities offered in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). There is always a bargain just waiting around the corner, you just have to know where to look and what to invest in.

I am a huge believer in only spending what you have, that means no credit cards unless extremely necessary. No wasting money on excessive amounts of alcohol or eating food out. I definitely like to live well below my means. Sometimes this is hard because I do like to drink some beer and have a pizza, but I would much rather save that money for my early retirement.

I have only just started the investment game, I have only been trading since October 2016. I am in no way experienced in this, but I am learning and learning fast.

I would like you to take this journey with me, follow my posts, comment on my content and let me know if you are in a similar situation. I love talking to people in similar situations as I am.

All the best,

Resources To Use To Find Information on Stock Yields

This page will list some of the resources I use when researching a particular share. This list will be constantly updated with new websites and other media I currently use.

I hope you can also use these useful links to find the information you need to invest wisely.

Useful Links

Daily Market Interactions – Market Index

Buy, Hold or Sell Recommendations – Market Index

Dividend Yields – Market Index

Highest Dividend Yields – Dividends

Share Discussion – HotCopper

Share Shorting – Shortman

Let me know if there are any other links you use to find important information.

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