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December 2019 Net Worth (+3.01%)

Dividends received for the year up from $720.27 to $1266.36 and my forward dividend at this point in time (without raises and reinvestment is $1500+). My Net Worth increased from last December which was $57,687.41 all the way up to $96,377.54. An increase of $‭38,690.13‬ in the year. I am very happy with that result… Read More »

November 2019 Net Worth (+3.26%)

Not a huge amount to report this month. I am going to be slightly under the 100k mark for Net Worth for the year. It’s a shame because the 100k mark is pretty big milestone for me. But will get it early next year by the looks of things. My goal was for a lot… Read More »

October 2019 Net Worth (+2.46%)

Funnily enough, I recently commented on someones Tweet saying that backing up data is important. Less than a week later, my PC dies….. Karma was out to get me because I didn’t backup my info. Well luckily it was a minor hardware issue that I fixed for $15. Back in business now. Dividends Paid in… Read More »

September 2019 Net Worth (+1.28%)

Dividends Received September 2018 – $64.32Dividends Received September 2019 – $98.49 Passive Income Made – September 2019 Adsense- $2.42AdMob – $4.34Dividends – $98.49Etsy – $2.82 TOTAL – $108.07 Visit my new website that I try to discuss the Australian stock market, high yielding stocks and general investment and compounding interest topics. Blue Ship Australia. Net… Read More »

August 2019 Net Worth (+1.00%)

Dividends Received August 2018 – $23.71Dividends Received August 2019 – $38.32Increase – 63.7% Passive Income Made – August 2019 Adsense (Website) – $4.61AdMob (Apps) – $2.68Dividends – $38.82Etsy – $9.15 TOTAL – $55.26 Net worth increased slightly due to more of the home loan being paid off. Assets actually dropped a little as the stock… Read More »

July 2019 Net Worth (+5.59%)

Dividends Received July 2018 – $38.69Dividends Received July 2019 – $57.70 Passive Income Made Earned:Adsense (Website) – $8.26AdMob (Apps) – $2.72Dividends – $57.70Etsy – $24.90 TOTAL – $93.58 Cash saved and invested. Cashed in some annual leave and our shares have performed well recently. I was able to purchase more WAM Leaders (top companies in… Read More »

June 2019 Net Worth (+5.40%)

Dividends Received June 2018 – $0.00Dividends Received June 2019 – $6.37 Passive Income Made Earned:Adsense (Website) – $12.77AdMob (Apps) – $3.98Dividends – $6.37Etsy – $20.87 TOTAL – $43.99 Net Worth at an all time high now. Thanks to the markets and a little bit invested wow. This was my goal for the end of the… Read More »

Passive Income Via Etsy – Part 1

Hi guys, another video. I wanted to create a small series of videos about passive income. This will be Part 1 of setting up your Etsy Account and how to do some quick research into what to sell. Take a look and let me know. Oh yea and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!