April 2019 Net Worth (+3.42%)

Well, I finally get one weekend home without doctors appointments, birthdays or other obligations… and I get sick! Fantastic! Dividends paid were up to $231.21 which is a 10.75% increase over last year! Net worth increased over the month, thanks to a decent market and paying off the home loan. No surprises. I was actually… Read More »

Net Worth March 2019 (+9.69%)

Net worth increased over the month, up +9.69% to nearly $74 thousand. This was thanks to a large lump sum payment that was owed to my wife. This was a long time coming, it helps with the net worth but it will be spend soon enough with the baby being born in July 2019. Payments… Read More »

Passive Income Received in March 2019 (+$210.97)

A quick break down of all passive income that I received in March 2019. Earned:Adsense (Website) – $6.68AdMob (Apps) – $53.55Dividends – $150.74 Working On:Etsy – N/AYoutube – N/A Affiliates – N/AOther – N/A Total: $210.97. Thanks for stopping by. AdMob has been great. A large majority of that income was earlier in the month… Read More »

4 Day Work Week

I am in a very fortunate situation to work with and on my fathers business. One day, in the not too distant future, I will be running the business and will manage all of the business myself. I will be the manager and also own 33.33% of the business when my parents pass it onto… Read More »

Net Worth February 2019 (+8.51%)

Well, what a month that was. I’m very happy with the result. I’ll keep this nice and short just like my passive income report last week. Passive Income: Adsense (Website) – $6.42AdMob (Apps) – $44.60Dividends – $25.75 (+11.8% YoY) Total: $76.77 Assets: Assets increased through the month from roughly 279.5k to 281.5k. A nice increase… Read More »

Passive Income Received in February 2019

A quick break down of all passive income that I received in Feb 2019. Earned:Adsense (Website) – $6.42AdMob (Apps) – $44.60Dividends – $25.75 (+11.8% YoY) Working On:Etsy – N/AYoutube – N/A Other – N/A Total: $76.77. Thanks for stopping by.

Why Investing In Australia Is A Great Idea

I have lived my whole life in Australia, apart from some travel and work overseas, but overall I would have lived here for 99% of my life. While I may be bias in saying that it is one of the best countries in the world, there is still so much improvement to be made. Today… Read More »

How I Almost Saved $300 In Under 10 Mins

Ok so the title might be a little click-baity but I do have a couple savings to share with you. I think all of you will like it. So today, while at work, I received an email on my personal email address. It was from my bank (let’s call them Bank 2) and I thought… Read More »

January 2019 Update

January brought a few different things for me. A few purchases and one sale. I will go into this a little below why I sold. I don’t like to sell but I felt the possibility of a decrease was greater than that of the upside. Share Purchases and Sales Purchases APN Property REIT (ASX:APN) +$63.05… Read More »