Business Update – Growth-a-plenty

This is a little different than what I usually post. Unfortunately, I can’t include exact figures as it is confidential information. But what I can do is use percent figures and you can figure out the rest! In Australia our tax year is starting July and ending last day of June. Therefore, we are coming… Read More »

May 2019 Net Worth (+1.53%)

Dividends paid in May 2018 – $23.39Dividends paid in May 2019 – $56.23Increase of 140.4% let’s keep that rate up! Assets increased but so did Liabilities. Overall an increase of 1.5% is nice. I wouldn’t expect next month to be so good. We have paid off our lay-by recently and purchased more things for baby… Read More »

My Passive Income Sources | How I Make Money While I Sleep!

I decided to create a second video. I really am starting to like the whole YouTube thing even if it is so early. Hopefully the videos can be entertaining and informative for everyone. Let me know what you think. Oh yea and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

April 2019 Net Worth (+3.42%)

Well, I finally get one weekend home without doctors appointments, birthdays or other obligations… and I get sick! Fantastic! Dividends paid were up to $231.21 which is a 10.75% increase over last year! Net worth increased over the month, thanks to a decent market and paying off the home loan. No surprises. I was actually… Read More »

Net Worth March 2019 (+9.69%)

Net worth increased over the month, up +9.69% to nearly $74 thousand. This was thanks to a large lump sum payment that was owed to my wife. This was a long time coming, it helps with the net worth but it will be spend soon enough with the baby being born in July 2019. Payments… Read More »

Passive Income Received in March 2019 (+$210.97)

A quick break down of all passive income that I received in March 2019. Earned:Adsense (Website) – $6.68AdMob (Apps) – $53.55Dividends – $150.74 Working On:Etsy – N/AYoutube – N/A Affiliates – N/AOther – N/A Total: $210.97. Thanks for stopping by. AdMob has been great. A large majority of that income was earlier in the month… Read More »

4 Day Work Week

I am in a very fortunate situation to work with and on my fathers business. One day, in the not too distant future, I will be running the business and will manage all of the business myself. I will be the manager and also own 33.33% of the business when my parents pass it onto… Read More »