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Half Year Net Worth – June 2018

Half Yearly Net Worth – June 2018 I did say I was going to still do some posts on my Net Worth. It’s very slow moving and it’s going to take quite the hit once all the wedding has been paid. It’s gonna hurt! But all for a good cause. Looking to increase my forward… Read More »

I Challenge You!

Well Well Well. It has been quite a while since I last posted here, don’t worry, I am still alive and well. Just a lot has been happening recently. Where to start? Wedding planning is going well. My Grandpa went to hospital, was told he had less than a day to live but is alive… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Year To Date Performance – Live Sheet

A Year To Date Live Performance of the Top 150 Crypto Coins   I created the automatically updating crpytocurrency Google Sheet using CryptoFinance. I took the top 150 coins as of the 31st December 2017 and added them to a Google Sheet. I then used the CryptoFinance to pull the current price of all crypto, then… Read More »

2017 – Year In Review

2017 – My 2017 Year In Review   I will try to keep this as short, sharp and shiny as possible. The best way to do this is through images. I should be able to show my whole complete stats in this post, from my personal goals, financial goals to my website performance. Here we… Read More »

Q3 2017 Net Worth Update

  My 2017 Q3 Net Worth Update So not a whole lot happened in the third quarter if 2017.. except that I sold my first shares that I ever bought (Air New Zealand), bought two more stocks and oh yea…. BOUGHT A HOUSE! I wasn’t able to post a whole lot during that time because… Read More »

Q2 2017 Net Worth Update

  My 2017 Q2 Net Worth Update Well this is about a whole quarter too late. But I am writing this so that it sets up the platform for my Q3 update which I will write probably tomorrow after my Q2 review. I like to do this to keep track of how my investments are… Read More »

Purchase(s) – FGX & WLE Stocks – New Purchases

New Purchases in August   Well, I was able to dispose of my holding in Air New Zealand. They have been a great stock to hold for the short term because I got in early and cheap. I bought shares in AIZ (Air New Zealand) at $1.67 which was well undervalued. I reduced my holding… Read More »

Net Worth Update – August 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – August 2017 See My January net Worth Update Here See My February net Worth Update Here See My March Net Worth Update Here See My April Net Worth Update Here See My May Net Worth Update Here See My June Net Worth Update Here See My July Net Worth Update Here  … Read More »

Dividend Payments and DRP (DRIP)

  Recently two of my stocks went ex dividend which means that I reinvested them towards more stock. I plan to continue doing this for many years to increase the overall number of holdings and value of holdings. I believe that using a DRIP plan will help fund my early retirement! Take a look at… Read More »

Arena REIT – Half Year Results

Arena REIT Have Released Their Half Year Results Well this is the first half yearly result that have come in for me and it’s a good one! So far so good! I picked up some of these shares in late January at a price of roughly $1.87, they now sit at [stock_quote symbol=”ASX:ARF”], today at $2.09. Not… Read More »