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My Challenge Results – July 2018 Dividend Income

Challenge Results   If you remember a little while back, I challenged some of my readers to increase their total forward income. While I did receive some criticism for it (I always welcome productive and positive criticism). My intention is to not chase yield, but rather to inspire someone/anyone to save just that little bit… Read More »

And Your Winner Is…..

Stock Picking Game 2017-18   If you can recall, a while back now, that I created a stock picking game where there were 10 players. Each player was able to pick any stock they wanted and also another stock that had a microcap under 300 Million. There were some other rules and if you would… Read More »

Yearly Wrap Up – December Net Worth – 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – December 2017 See My January net Worth Update Here See My February net Worth Update Here See My March Net Worth Update Here See My April Net Worth Update Here See My May Net Worth Update Here See My June Net Worth Update Here See My July Net Worth Update Here See… Read More »