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May 2019 Net Worth (+1.53%)

Dividends paid in May 2018 – $23.39Dividends paid in May 2019 – $56.23Increase of 140.4% let’s keep that rate up! Assets increased but so did Liabilities. Overall an increase of 1.5% is nice. I wouldn’t expect next month to be so good. We have paid off our lay-by recently and purchased more things for baby… Read More »

April 2019 Net Worth (+3.42%)

Well, I finally get one weekend home without doctors appointments, birthdays or other obligations… and I get sick! Fantastic! Dividends paid were up to $231.21 which is a 10.75% increase over last year! Net worth increased over the month, thanks to a decent market and paying off the home loan. No surprises. I was actually… Read More »

2017 – Year In Review

2017 – My 2017 Year In Review   I will try to keep this as short, sharp and shiny as possible. The best way to do this is through images. I should be able to show my whole complete stats in this post, from my personal goals, financial goals to my website performance. Here we… Read More »