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Net Worth Update – May 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – May 2017 See My January net Worth Update Here See My February net Worth Update Here See My March Net Worth Update Here See My April Net Worth Update Here   [the_ad id=”103″]   I have decided to change the way I produce my Net Worth Updates. The previous updates were a little… Read More »

My Most Popular Posts

The Most Popular Posts On Buy, Hold Long!   I don’t usually monitor what my popular posts are on my blog, but perhaps I should. After all, that would show me what people are interested in viewing in the blog. After taking a quick look at the views on each page, I was not really surprised… Read More »

May 2017 – Blog Update

May 2017 Blog Update   Dividend Updates A few things have happened so far in the Month of May. I have been paid a dividend from Arena REIT (ASX:ARF) which when I used my DRP this ended up gaining me another 10 shares of ARF. At their current dividend payment per year of $0.12 per… Read More »

Who Wants To Play A Game?

Stock Picking Game Before we get started, if everyone could check out my Twitter Page, I would appreciate it. I am looking for 10 people to participate in a competition that I am going to hold here on my blog. Basically it is going to be a competition to see who can choose the best… Read More »

Other Dividend Blogs – New Page

RSS Feed Of Other Blogs – Dividends Good afternoon everyone. I love websites which share other people’s creative content and one of those thing I love to share is other dividend blogs. I have compiled a list of some of the best dividend blogs I frequently visit and comment on. I think sharing this will… Read More »

Blog Progress Report – April 2017

Blog Progress Report For The Month Of April 2017 Now this blog is 6 months old, where has the time gone? I am still enjoying posting on the blog as much as I can. I have a new logo design which I am really liking, more people are commenting on the blog and I have been really active… Read More »

Net Worth Update – April 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – April 2017 See My January net Worth Update Here See My February net Worth Update Here See My March Net Worth Update Here   Well this month was always going to be a bit quieter because March was just an absolute bumper month. I don’t mind it being smaller as long as it… Read More »

2017 Q1 Review – Net Worth Update – 60% Increase?

    This report is a little overdue but I still want to get this one out. My Net Worth has increased dramatically since the start of the year, I hope I can continue to increase my Net Worth for the rest of the year. If I can continue to keep on this track my Net… Read More »